DC’s “Scandal Diarrhea,”but Is it a fraud?

“DC is overflowing with scandal diarrhea,”Greg Gutfield, FOX, The Five.
Here’s the question though, ‘WHY?’ (Benghazi, people died, that’s a crime).
Ever hear of ‘hiding in plain sight?’ (It’s a political strategy.)
Ever been played by con artists before? (Are you going to let it happen again?)

Patriots, keep your nose to the grindstone and your ear to the ground and let’s find out why DC wants to take us all off the trail of Benghazi, murdered Seal Team Six members, Fast & Furious and IRS, with a cover story of old information leaked months ago about NSA?
Here is another question, why are Obama’s media and ALL the talking heads so eager to follow whatever shiny ball Obama tosses them?

BTW, one last thing… this whistle-blower, Snowdon, is it odd he looks so much like Jay Carney, a paid Obama liar?  Oh, Snowdon is ‘somebody”s’ kid, bank on it. See this article and, for one thing, follow the favors:




About sandollarchaser

Constitutional Conservative, Reagan Republican, and believe in Tea Party Principles. I'm with Newt! Status quo has to go: fire Holder & impeach Oblama!
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