What is ‘Gaslighting?’ (Are you a victim?)

(written after 2012 election voter fraud was reported, proven and not indicted, and….. sadly, it is still relevant)

Today, I was struck by the harshness of corruption, the arrogance of absolute power, the out of control government which thumbs it’s nose at those of us who fund it; as I watched with disbelief, the report, that  900 voted in a precinct with only 7 actual voters.  And, I saw two corrupt political boss parties join forces to silence the voices of those who still have the courage and awareness to make them accountable. Some of our fellow citizens, the ones who, like us, who are not a part of the corruption; are no longer able to see, nor discern, the media propaganda and will likely fall for the tricks of the political bosses yet AGAIN.

In my shock, at the distance America has traveled from the Nation of my childhood, I  recalled, as a child, learning about, “The Man Without A Country” (1).  I, along with the Patriotic military brats who attended grade school with me, could imagine nothing worse than being banned from the America which we loved. This world is not the same as the world of my youth and America has not changed for the better. In fact, America now, has more in common with those, less than desirable, foreign socialists and Marxist regimes which our military families were fighting to preserve American Freedoms. And there is no where else to turn…. as Reagan said, “America is our last best hope of mankind on earth.”

If America is to be saved, it is up to us, those who are awake and aware, Patriots. WE have learned much about the movements and actions of the dark-side. The mental conflict we have witnessed, which many people succumb to, has now been given a name, Gaslighting. Gaslighting is similar to burn out, on a level. With ‘Gaslighting’ tactics, people are bombarded with false information so often that they cease to be able to discern truth from false information. Gaslighting victims may have trouble with memory, completing tasks, critical thinking and depression.

Tell me, does it seem to you that a political boss who uses Gaslighting tactics to control you is worthy of your support or attention? If you have trouble with answering that question, you are likely already a victim. Try to think your way out……”and remember Who’s always By Our Side(2) …  http://youtu.be/CdjRmM0Q0qs ”

(1) “The Man Without a Country” by American writer Edward Everett Hale, first published in December 1863. American Army lieutenant Philip Nolan, renounces his country during a trial for treason and is sentenced to spend the rest of his days at sea without so much as a word of news about the United States. The story is about the upheaval of the American Civil War and was meant to promote the Union cause. It is also seen to be inspired by an anti-war pro-Confederate Ohio Democrat who – like Nolan – was exiled and expressed a disinterest in belonging to the United States.

(2) From  Wendy Tucker Morgan , “and remember Who’s always By Our Side(2) …  http://youtu.be/CdjRmM0Q0qs ”



About sandollarchaser

Constitutional Conservative, Reagan Republican, and believe in Tea Party Principles. I'm with Newt! Status quo has to go: fire Holder & impeach Oblama!
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5 Responses to What is ‘Gaslighting?’ (Are you a victim?)

  1. Virginia Bowie says:

    I have several family members who are suffering the effects of ‘gas lighting’ tactics. They are so sick of hearing bad news, that they have turned to reality tv shows & other things as a means of escaping the news. Any suggestions as to how I can help them? I am at my wits end!

    • I certainly understand and can say that I am seeing and hearing the same things where I live.
      Thank you so much for sharing that Virginia.

      • Virginia Bowie says:

        I believe we are witnessing the ‘dumbing down’ of America, and have been for many years. Bombard people long enough with bad news/false information, that after a while they tune out, turn to other things to escape reality. I believe it is one of the techniques Communists use to take over a country. When you have people enrolled in college who don’t even know who the V-P or Speaker of the House are, and these same people vote..it’s no wonder we don’t have Newt Gingrich as president right now.

  2. Tissie Chambers says:

    I suffer from Gaslighting! Does Newt have a 12 step program?

    • Yes, I believe so. It starts with capturing the Senate 2014 and sending more Conservatives to the House 2014. Then elect Newt in 2016 for President! That is not twelve yet, but it’s a start!

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